Sunday 23 May 2021

KVOK Half Marathon, Kolín, Czech Republic - barefoot runner Vojtěch Hrabánek (Copyright © 2015 Hendrik Böttger /


KVOK is a half marathon race held annually (usually in April) on a very flat out-and-back course between the town of Kolín and the village of Velký Osek in the Czech Republic.

The route begins and ends at the Atletický Stadion Mirka Tučka in Kolín, an old town of about 32,000 people, situated approximately 60 kilometres east of Prague.

The route takes the runners along the Labe (Elbe) river and then, mainly on cycleways, through agricultural land to Velký Osek.

Along the route, you can expect a lot of support by the friendly helpers at the aid stations and by the cheerful locals in the villages.


KVOK 2014, Kolín, Czech Republic - supporters on the course (Copyright © 2014 Hendrik Böttger /


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63. KVOK:


  • Sunday 23 May 2021 (postponed from 25 April 2021)

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Number of finishers:

  • 2021: 83
  • 2020: 81
  • 2019: 110
  • 2018: 178
  • 2017: 104
  • 2016: 151
  • 2015: 140



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