Saturday 7 September 2024

Baroko Maraton, Plasy, Czech Republic (Copyright © 2013 andyrum / Photo by courtesy of Baroko Maraton)


Set in the rolling hills of the Plzeň Region in the Czech Republic, the Baroko Maraton offers multi-terrain races for all ages:

  • dětské běhy (children's races)
  • 4.2km
  • 10km
  • půlmaraton (half marathon)
  • maraton (marathon)
  • 100km ultra (ultramarathon)

The start and the finish line are at the Velká louka (‘Great Meadow’) in the small town of Plasy, which developed around a 12th-century Cistercian monastery, approximately twenty-three kilometres north of the city of Plzeň (or ‘Pilsen’).

The kids' races and the 4.2k run are flat whereas the longer races feature very hilly routes through a region that is well known for its pretty scenery as well as for its many notable Baroque buildings created by renowned architects.

Competitors run, mainly on trails and gravel roads, through woods, meadows, farmland and villages, across wooden bridges, and along the Střela river, which cuts deep into the surrounding countryside.

The time limit to finish the marathon is seven hours.


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17. Baroko Maraton:


  • 7 September 2024 (Saturday)

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