Saturday 2 October 2021

Mörbisch am See, Austria (Photo: Copyright © 2022 Hendrik Böttger /


The Mörbischer Lauftag (‘Mörbisch Running Day’) features a lovely setting on the western shore of the Neusiedler See, a 36-kilometre-long lake that is shared by two countries—Austria and Hungary.

Fertő, as it is known by Hungarians, is a very shallow lake, surrounded to a large extent by reed beds, and a favourite destination for migratory birds as much as for water sports enthusiasts, cyclists and runners.

The Lauftag offers a 5k race (four laps) and a 10k (eight laps) through Mörbisch am See, a picturesque village located in Austria's Burgenland province, only a stone's throw away from the border with Hungary.

Children run either 300m or 800m, depending on their age group.

The event also offers a 55k and a 125k Radmarathon (bicycle marathon), held one day after the Lauftag.


Map of the venue:


Mörbischer Lauftag 2021:


  • 2 October 2021 (Saturday)

Race distance:

  • 300m (children U6)
  • 800m (children U14)
  • 5km
  • 10km

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