Bagod (Hungary), Sunday 8 October 2017

Szaggasd az aszfaltot! - runners on the bikeway between Bagod and Zalalövő in western Hungary (Copyright © 2011 Hendrik Böttger /


General information and map of the venue


Race information: 10. Szaggasd az aszfaltot! 2017

Country: Hungary

Venue: Bagod (Zalaegerszeg 9km, Graz 122km, Maribor 122km, Vienna 178km, Budapest 238km)

Date: 8 October 2017 (Sunday)

Race distance:

  • 500m ovis futam (children born 2011 or later)
  • 3km
  • 10km
  • 21.1km félmaraton (half marathon)

Start time: 10.00

Start/finish area: at the railway station in Bagod (ca. 500m from the race centre)

Race centre: István Fekete Primary School (Fekete István Általános Iskola), Kossuth Lajos út 15, 8992 Bagod


  • advance entries online (up to 30 September 2017)
  • late entries on the day (8.15-9.15)
  • free entry for children aged 14 years or under
  • 50% off the entry fees for young athletes aged 15-18 years

Entry fees (3km):

  • online entries: HUF 1500 (ca. € 4.81)
  • late entries: HUF 2000 (ca. € 6.41)

Entry fees (10km):

  • online entries: HUF 2000 (ca. € 6.41)
  • late entries: HUF 3000 (ca. € 9.62)

Entry fees (21.1km):

  • online entries: HUF 3000 (ca. € 9.62)
  • late entries: HUF 4000 (ca. € 12.82)

Timekeeping: bib chip timing (included in the entry fees)

You get: a souvenir gift, snacks and drinks on the course, goulash party after the race; free accommodation option in the school in Bagod

Awards: to the fastest finishers and to the first three in each age group

Showers and changing facilities: yes

Award ceremony: at 13.30

Number of finishers 2016: 28 (500m), 113 (3km), 77 (10km), 44 (21.1km)

Event website (in Hungarian):

Szaggasd az aszfaltot! - Event website:


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