Zagreb (Croatia), Sunday 14 May 2017

Sljeme, Mount Medvednica, Zagreb, Croatia (Copyright © 2017 Hendrik Böttger /


Croatia's oldest brdska trka (mountain race) takes runners from the main square of the capital Zagreb to the summit of Sljeme (1031m), the highest peak of Mount Medvednica which rises to the north of the city (pictured).

The event has been named after the late rower and runner Julije Boroša who organized the race from 1990 until 2013.

The route is 13.7km long. It features more than 900m of ascent.

Starting on Trg bana Jelačića (Ban Jelačić Square), the first half of the race is run on roads and pavements gently uphill.

Then, the route follows the popular Leustek hiking path which winds its way up the densely-wooded slopes of the mountain.

The toughest portion of the course comes at the end — 80m of elevation gain over the final 300m!

Last year, the winners were Miran Cvet of Slovenia (1hr 11sec) and Croatia's Veronika Jurišić (1hr 15min 2sec).

The event offers the option to run just the second part of the course (6.5km, 656m of ascent).

In case you don't fancy walking back to the city after the race you can take the public bus from Sljeme to Mihaljevac (for instance at 2.45pm, 3.15pm or 4pm).



  • Croatia

Venue (Map):

  • Zagreb


  • 14 May 2017 (Sunday)

Race distance:

  • glavna trka - main race: 13.7km (+918m)
  • kratka trka - short race: 6.5km (+656m)


  • glavna trka - main race: at 11.00 on Trg bana Jelačića (Ban Jelačić Square)
  • kratka trka - short race: at 11.30 at the former cable car station of the Žičara Sljeme


  • at the radio transmission tower on top of Sljeme (1031m)


  • online
  • entry limit: 300 runners

Entry fees:

  • up to 30 April 2017: HRK 110 (ca. €14.80)
  • up to 10 May 2017: HRK 160 (ca. €21.55)

You get:

  • transport of personal clothing to the finish
  • three aid stations on the course (7km, 10km, finish)
  • entry into the prize drawing


  • ... to be announced ...

Showers and changing facilities:

  • no

Award ceremony and prize drawing:

  • at 14.00 in the finish area

Number of finishers 2016:

  • 13.7km: 145

Event website (in Croatian):

Brdska trka Boroša - Event website:


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