33rd ‘Forest Run Říčany’ 2014

Říčany (Czech Republic), Saturday 11 October 2014

Wood carved fly agaric mushrooms in the Czech Republic (Copyright © 2014 Hendrik Böttger / runinternational.eu)


This Lesní Běh ("Forest Run") takes place in the small town of Říčany which is situated just outside the city limits of Prague.

The event forms part of the Salomon Trail Running Cup 2014, a series of ten challenging running events in the Czech Republic.

Starting and finishing on the edge of town, all races are run entirely on forest trails. The route is undulating to hilly, and some of the trails are rather narrow.

Men between 19 and 59 years of age run 11km (two laps) whereas women, juniors, and older men run 5.7km (one lap). Children run between 350m and 1.7km.

More than 300 runners of all ages took part in the event last year.


Country: Czech Republic

Venue (Map): Říčany (24km from Prague city centre, 162km from Dresden, 192km from Brno)

Date: 11 October 2014 (Saturday)

Race distance: 350m (children 10 years and under), 600m (children 11-12 years), 1.7km (children 13-14 years), 5.7km (women; men aged 60+ years; juniors 15-18 years), 11km (men 19-59 years)

Start time: 9.45-10.50 (children's races), 12.15 (5.7km, 11km)

Start and finish: Strašinská ulice, Radošovice, Říčany, Czech Republic

Entries: advance entries online; late entries on the day (up to 15min before the start)

Entry fees (children): no entry fees

Entry fees (juniors): 50 CZK

Entry fees (adults): 150 CZK (advance entries), 200 CZK (late entries)

Exchange rate: 100 CZK = ca. 3.60 EUR (September 2014)

Award ceremony: 11.10 (children's races); 13.30 (5.7km, 11km)

Number of finishers 2013: 162 (children's races), 65 (5.7km), 97 (11km)

Event website: www.ricany.cz/org/bezeckyklub/lb/uvod.htm


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