2. zimná bežecká séria 2014-2015

Tatranská Lomnica (Slovakia), November 2014 - February 2015

Winter in the High Tatras, Slovakia (Copyright © 2013 Sport Tatry; photo modified by Run International EU)


The Winter Running Series (Slovak: zimná bežecká séria) consists of four challenging multi-terrain races, held between November and February in and around the ski and hiking resort of Tatranská Lomnica in Slovakia.

Each race features a different route. All routes are approximately 7km long — with the exception of the first race, a cross-country steeplechase run, which is 4km for women and 8km for men.

Tatranská Lomnica is situated at an elevation of 850 metres at the foot of the majestic High Tatras mountains on the Slovakia-Poland border, and you can expect snow or ice on the course, at least in January and February.


Country: Slovakia

Venue (Map): Tatranská Lomnica (Košice 129km, Kraków 135km, Bratislava 340km)

Date (1st race): 8 November 2014

Date (2nd race): 13 December 2014

Date (3rd race): 17 January 2015

Date (4th race): 14 February 2015

Start time: 13.00

Race distance: ca. 7km (first race on 8 November 2014: women 4km, men 8km)

Start/finish area: in Tatranská Lomnica and nearby villages (see event website)

Entries: online with payment by bank transfer; late entries on the day

Entry fees: € 7 (up to 8 days before each race); € 10 (late entries on the day)

Entry fees (for the whole series): € 20 (up to 31 October 2014)

Prizes: trophies/medals

Number of finishers 2013/14: 79 (November), 70 (December), 117 (January), 71 (February)

Event website (in Slovak and English):


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