Ljutomer (Slovenia), Friday 8 August 2014

A white stork in Slovenia (Copyright © 2012 Hendrik Böttger / runinternational.eu)


The Taborski tek (‘Tabor Run’) is held every year on a Friday evening in mid-summer in the small old town of Ljutomer in the lovely Prlekija region in eastern Slovenia, which is well-known for its fine wines and for the many white storks that breed there.

Starting and finishing on Ljutomer's main square (pictured below), the event offers an 8.5km road race (out and back to the village of Cezanjevci), a 3km multi-terrain run, and a number of children's races.

The event remembers the first mass rally (tabor) that was held in Ljutomer in the year 1868 in support of a unification of Slovene-inhabited areas within the Austrian Empire.


Ljutomer, Prlekija, Slovenia (Copyright © 2014 Hendrik Böttger / Run International EU)


Country: Slovenia

Venue (Map): Ljutomer (58km from Maribor, 105km from Graz, 119km from Zagreb, 181km from Ljubljana)

Date: 8 August 2014 (Friday)

Race distance: 3km; 8.5km; children 250m-450m-900m

Start time: 17.00-17.50 (children); 18.00 (3km, 8.5km)

Start and finish: Glavni trg (main square), Ljutomer

Entries: on the day (15.00-16.30)

Entry fees: € 5; free entry to runners aged 15 years and under

Race centre: in the start area

You get: T-shirt, drinks

Prizes: trophies or medals to the first 3 in each category

Award ceremony: 19.15

Number of finishers 2013: 37 (3km), 87 (8.5km), 40 children

Event website (in Slovene): www.simljutomer.si/Šport/Prireditve/ArtMID/2734/ArticleID/3/19-Taborski-tek


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