9th 'Mursko Središće Town Run' 2014

Mursko Središće (Croatia), Saturday 30 August 2014

Utrka grada Mursko Središće - the start (Copyright © 2012 Utrka grada Mursko Središće)


The Utrka grada Mursko Središće offers a 10k road race and a 2.5k town run.

Both races begin and end at the football pitch of Mursko Središće, a small town that sits on the River Mura at the northern tip of Croatia.

The area is unspectacular but very charming with rolling hills and vineyards to the west, low-lying farmland to the east, green dikes along the Mura, and three thermal spas in three different countries nearby. A short walk across the river brings you to Slovenia, and Hungary is also just about ten kilometres away.

Participants in the 10k race run out and back a country road through the agricultural area east of Mursko Središće.

Although the entry fees are very low, there are many small prizes for the best finishers, and all participants get a meal after the race.


Country: Croatia

Venue (Map): Mursko Središće (28km from Varaždin, 65km from Zalaegerszeg, 115km from Zagreb, 127km from Graz)

Date: 30 August 2014 (Saturday)

Race distance: 100m (children 8 years and under), 2.5km, 10km

Start time: 16.15 (100m), 16.30 (2.5km, 10km)

Start and finish: at the football pitch of NK Rudar

Entries: on the day (14.00-16.15)

Entry fees (100m): 10 HRK (ca. 1.30 EUR)

Entry fees (2.5km): 30 HRK (ca. 3.90 EUR)

Entry fees (10km): 50 HRK (ca. 6.50 EUR)

You get (2.5km, 10km): a souvenir gift, a medal, drinks, a meal after the race

Prizes (2.5km): trophies and product prizes to the first 3 M/F

Prizes (10km): trophies and product prizes to the first 5 M/F; product prizes to the first 3 in each category

Showers and changing facilities: yes

Number of finishers 2013: 45 (2.6km), 80 (10km)

Event details (in Croatian): www.mursko-sredisce.hr


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