Sunday 23 September 2018

NATO Run, Budapest, Hungary (Photo by courtesy of Budapesti Atlétikai Szövetség)


The NATO Run (Hungarian: NATO Futás) is an international running festival held each September in Hungary's capital city Budapest.

Four atmospheric races are available:

  • 4km
  • 4km relay for student teams of 13 runners
  • 10km
  • 10km relay for teams of two runners (4.5km+5.5km)

Organized by the Budapest Athletic Federation, the event draws an international crowd of about 4,000 to 5,000 runners.

It attracts military personnel from many different countries but you don't need to be in the armed forces to take part in the event.

The races are open to all runners, and most participants are civilians.

Both the 4km and the 10km route are highly scenic sightseeing tours through the Castle District in Buda, the western part of the city.

The start is at the Vérmező park at the foot of the imposing Castle Hill with its plethora of historical buildings.

The 10k race takes the runners through the road tunnel under the castle, along the River Danube, up the hill, and along the beautiful Tóth Árpád Promenade which offers excellent views of Buda.

The finish line is at the Military History Museum on top of the hill.

Compared to many other big running events in Budapest the entry fees are low, ranging from €10 to €15 for the 10k race. A technical T-shirt is included in the fees.


Buda Castle, Budapest, Hungary (Author: Karelj / / public domain / photo modified by


Update (September 2018):

In 2018, all races will begin and end at Vérmező!



  • 23 September 2018 (Sunday)

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