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Runners in the 'Szaggasd az aszfaltot!' race (Copyright © 2012




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Two top runners in the Montefortiana Tura race (Copyright © 2012




 ...whether you are an ambitious athlete ...





Fun runners in the Santaklaus Running (Copyright © 2012





  ... or a fun runner,





Road runners in the Moonlight Half Marathon (Copyright © 2012




   ... whether you prefer to run on roads ...





Trail runners in the Kokos Trail race (Copyright © 2012




    ... or on trails, ...






Runners at the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest (Copyright © 2012




  ... in big cities ...






Runners in the Žumberačka utrka (Copyright © 2012




... or in remote villages, ...





 Runners in the Savski polumaraton (Copyright © 2012



   ... on a flat plain ...






A mountain runner in the Carnia Skyrace (Copyright © 2012




  ... or up the mountains, ...





 A cave runner in the Grotta Gigante (Copyright © 2012




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Two international runners at the World Masters Mountain Running Championships (Copyright © 2012



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In the beginning, our website focused on running events in South-Central Europe:

• Austria

• Croatia

• Hungary

• Italy (north-east)

• Slovakia

• Slovenia

In spring 2012, we started reporting on events in some other countries as well:

• Bosnia and Herzegovina

• Czech Republic

• Denmark

• Germany

• Poland

• Romania

• Serbia


Our Race Guide provides independent reviews and all essential details on a wide selection of road, trail, mountain and sky races.

In our Race Reports you will find a large number of photos.

The Language Guide helps you to communicate with runners from the region. You may also find it useful to understand foreign language running websites.


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