Sunday 16 September 2018

X-tek Dimnice - a runner in the Dimnice cave in Slovenia (Photo by courtesy of Venčeslav Japelj)

Photo by courtesy of Venčeslav Japelj

The X-Tek Dimnice is a very unusual running event.

It takes runners deep into the Jama Dimnice, a karst cave in the Primorska region in Slovenia, situated about 35 kilometres from the Adriatic port of Koper and just 29 kilometres from the port of Trieste in Italy.

The race is held in a time trial format. Runners start off in pairs, at two-minute intervals.

Starting and finishing at the entrance to the cave, the route is 4km long. Approximately 1.4km of the race are run inside the cave and 2.6km in the open air.

Participants run down into the cave, back up to the entrance, and then on trails and roads around the village of Slivje.

In the cave, runners must wear a headlamp and a helmet (bicycle helmet or other). It is highly recommended to wear protective gloves.

Take care in the cave, the course might be slippery. You will get a one-minute time penalty if you fall inside the cave!


Date: 16 September 2018 (Sunday)

Race information: 4. X-tek Dimnice 2017


Map of the venue:


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