21-22 April 2018

Bismarcia 2012 (Copyright © 2012 Hendrik Böttger / runinternational.eu)


Ecomaratona del Collio Brda:

This running event is staged in the Gorizia Hills on the Italy-Slovenia border.

The start/finish area is on the main square of the village of Cormons in the Province of Gorizia in Italy.


Date, start time, race distance:

  • Saturday, 21 April 2018:
    • 16.00: 8.3km Minitrail (competitive race)
  • Sunday, 22 April 2018:
    • 8.30: 46.2km Ecomaratona (competitive race)
    • 8.45: 24.4km Trail (competitive race)
    • 9.00-10.00: 3.3km, 6.3km, 12.8km Marcia FIASP (non-competitive run and walk)

Event website: www.colliobrdatrail.it


Map of the venue:


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