Saturday 18 May 2019

Menuet, Karlovy Vary, Czechia (Photo: Copyright © 2018 Hendrik Böttger /


This road running event has been held each year in May since 2013 in the venerable Bohemian spa of Karlovy Vary (English: Carlsbad; German: Karlsbad) where many European notables like Goethe, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Freud and Marx sought exercise and inspiration.

The start and the finish are on the edge of Smetanovy sady (Smetana Park) which is home to the monumental Alžbětiny Lázně (Elizabeth Baths), the largest balneological facility in the city:


Alžbětiny Lázně (Elizabeth Baths), Smetanovy sady (Smetana Park), Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), Czechia - Copyright © 2017 Hendrik Böttger /


The course is gently undulating and consists of three loops. The first and the third loop take the runners along the Teplá river through the spa area with its many magnificent historic buildings. The second loop runs through residential areas to the KV Arena, Karlovy Vary's state-of-the-art hockey arena, which is situated on the western outskirts of the city.


7. 1/2Maraton Karlovy Vary:


  • 18 May 2019 (Saturday)

Race distance:

  • 1/2Maraton (21.1km half marathon)
  • 1/2Maraton štafeta (21.1km relay race for teams of four runners: 3x5km+6.1km)
  • 2Run (21.1km relay race for teams of two runners: 10km+11.1km)
  • rodinný běh (3km non-competitive family run)

Number of finishers 2018:

  • 21.1km: 2,686
  • štafeta: 82 relay teams
  • 2Run: 186 relay teams

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Map of the venue:


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