16th ‘Nanos Mountain Race’ 2013

Podnanos (Slovenia), Sunday 13 October 2013

Gorski tek na Nanos - sprint finish (Copyright © 2013 Hendrik Böttger / Run International EU)


With less than 100 finishers, the Gorski tek na Nanos is a small uphill mountain race that is staged annually in October in the Karst region between Slovenia's capital Ljubljana and the Adriatic Sea.

Starting in the village of Podnanos in the fruit- and wine-growing Vipava Valley, the race features 673m of ascent over a 5.7km route, mostly on steep forest trails.

The finishing line is at an elevation of 820 metres at a hunting lodge which stands on a clearing in the forest on the massive Nanos Karst Plateau.

There are no particular views from the finish area but a short walk brings you to a beautiful grassland (pictured below), from where there are splendid views of the Karst region and - weather permitting - of the Adriatic in the distance.

In 2012, the top finishers were Simon Alič of Slovenia (28:35) and Daniela Da Forno of Italy (38:05).


Nanos, Slovenia (Copyright © 2013 Hendrik Böttger / Run International EU)


Country: Slovenia

Venue (Map): Podnanos (Trieste 32km, Ljubljana 70km, Udine 75km)

Date: 13 October 2013 (Sunday)

Race distance: 5.7km (+673m)

Start: at 10.00 in the hamlet of Poreče on the edge of Podnanos

Finish: Lovska koča ‘Vojkovo’ (Hunting Lodge ‘Vojkovo’)

Entries: on the day 8.30-9.30

Entry fees: € 12 (adults), € 6 (children)

Race centre: Vojkov dom (on the main road through Podnanos)

You get: transport of personal clothing to the finish

Showers and changing facilities: no

Number of finishers 2012: 85

Event website (in Slovene): www.pd-podnanos.si


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